ABC’s of BCAA’s: Give Your Training An Edge!

by Lindsay Kent

ABC’s of BCAA’s: Give Your Training An Edge!

Okay, so on the road to improving your overall health and wellbeing, several important factors come into play, including a consistent and well-rounded exercise regime and a nutritional strategy that matches your goals and aspirations. We commit to early morning sweat sessions before and after work, while also juggling work, family, and friends in order to ignite the fire of our passions and personal aspirations.

While we are out killing our goals, leaving the gym glistening with sweat, the proof of our physical accomplishments, we often forget all that was potentially lost…

Often times, it can be difficult to replenish all the vitamin and mineral levels (also known as micronutrients) that are lost throughout the day, especially during and after our workouts. Think of your body like a big swimming pool, and as you work and sweat, key micronutrients are drained, and you have to replenish these micronutrients to keep your swimming pool full and your goals afloat!

In comes a key supplement that will help you to build beautiful, lean tissue while enhancing the muscle to fat tissue ratio, decrease cortisol (the belly fat hormone!) induced by exercise and help you to repair and recover. It will also keep energy levels sufficient during intense training.


BeautyRecover Benefits

The Beauty of BCAA’s

BCAA’s, or Branched Chain Amino Acids, are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different types of amino acids, but BCAA’s are categorized differently and only include three: Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. These three amino acids are the prominent building blocks in your muscles, and need to be consistently replenished to enhance muscle growth.

BCAA’s do not require metabolic digestion like some of your food and whey protein sources, as it bypasses the gut and liver goes straight into your bloodstream, so  BeautyRecover BCAA’s can be readily available for your body!

If you do not have sufficient levels of BCAA’s in your body during your training sessions, then your body will begin to look for other sources of fuel, including that precious muscle tissue you have worked so hard to build!

Studies indicate that BCAA’s specifically improve/enhance the following effects

  • Isoleucine and Valine fight off fatigue during and after training
  • Increased levels of BCAA’s improve the uptake/usage of carbs to protect muscle tissue for energy
  • Mental and physical performance enhancements were documented during/after training
  • BCAA’s reduce the production of certain enzymes in the body that mark inflammation/stress, increasing your repair and recovery
  • BCAA’s increase protein synthesis, which is a key process for increasing muscle growth
  • BCAA’s can decrease cortisol (remember belly fat!) and increase growth hormone

What to look for

So of course your BCAA supplement will have the three main amino acids mentioned above, but other micronutrients should be replenished as well, and BeautyFit's  BeautyRecover offers the perfect blend of recovery agents and amino acids to maximize your repair, recovery and growth including:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • B-Vitamins
  • Glutamine

When to use

You can utilize your  BeautyRecove r BCAA supplement during your training or physical endeavors, and/or immediately after your training as well, specifically when performing high intensity training and/or resistance work.

Remember, supplementation is an enhancement to all of your training and nutritional endeavors, and is simply meant to fill in the gaps and replenish the natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are lost throughout the day in order to stay happy, healthy, and energized!

Attention: You should always consult your doctor before beginning any new nutritional or supplemental regime.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

  Lindsay Kent


Lindsay Kent
Lindsay Kent

ISSA CES Professor, Master Trainer, Spokesmodel, Fitness Editor/Writer, NPC Figure Competitor

Lindsay Kent loves helping others to strive to be their best selves physically, mentally and emotionally, and is continually inspired to work with others change their lives through sharing her passion and knowledge. Lindsay believes that anyone can improve their lives and find their true self-worth and purpose, and she loves being an integral part of that journey. Lindsay is a Professor for the International Sports Sciences Association’s College of Exercise Science, and runs her own online training business, Lindsay Kent Fitness. She is an ISSA Master Personal Trainer which comprises several specialty areas, and is a current Spokesmodel for the ISSA and has been featured as the spotlight trainer and fitness professional in top fitness mags such as Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers. She also writes columns and features for various fitness publications while also working as a fitness editor. Lindsay currently competes as an NPC figure competitor.

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