Biohacks for Beginners

When I think of hacking, the first thing that comes to mind is emails, computers, and security information. All of these have a very negative connotation. I am here to tell you that hacking your body is very positive and can benefit you greatly! Many health coaches, including myself, are getting on board.

The beauty of biohacking is that it provides an opportunity for self exploration and really discovering what works well with your body. Biohacking is a way to use tools, nutrition, and supplements to improve our health and perform optimally in all areas of our lives. Maybe you already biohack your physiology in ways you didn't realize to feel better. That's what we all want right? To feel better?

Do you already eat lots of veggies and healthy fats? > Biohacking
Do you limit your sugar and processed foods? > Biohacking

Those are examples of biohacking your nutrition in order to feel better and hopefully live longer.

Here are 3 of favorite Biohacks that you can implement immediately:

  1. Bulletproof coffee - this is how I like to start my day after I drink at least 16 ounces of water. Bulletproof coffee is made with grassfed butter and coconut oil or brain octane oil. I personally use 1/2 tbs grassfed butter, 1 tsp of brain octane oil, and 1 packet of stevia. I know what you are thinking- butter in your coffee? You just have to try it for yourself. The blender makes it frothy and yummy. This is great if you do practice intermittent fasting (which by the way is also another biohack) and you want to keep blood sugar levels stable.
  2. Blueblocker glasses - I try to eliminate blue light at night. This helps your body stay with its natural circadian rhythm. Once the sun starts to go down, I put on my glasses. If you are serious about improving your sleep, this is where I would start. We are overwhelmed with blue light coming from LED's, computers and our cell phones. There are also Apps that you can use on your phone to reduce the blue night exposure at night. This will help your internal clock from being confused and help your body produce the melatonin that it needs for a good nights rest. You can find these glasses on Amazon and they are very inexpensive!
  3. Meditation - I know some people think this is too far out there but it is becoming more well accepted. Let me tell you it's not just for yogis! ;) This is not about being religious or spiritual but about quieting your mind. This is an easy yet effective way to hack your stress. If you can start with just 5 mins a day and don't be too hard on yourself as your mind will wander. So don't get too caught in whether or not you are doing it "right". The point is to relax and breathe and if you mind wonders you just come right back to the breathe. There are many Apps now that you can download that will lead you through guided meditations. My favorites are HeadSpace and Calm.

I encourage you to pick even one of these and give it a try for a week straight and see if you notice a difference!

If you are interested in learning more please leave comments and I can go more in depth on these topics and more. I also use a Oura ring to help me analyze whether the biohacks that I am using are helping. One of my favorite features is the detailed sleep analysis. It also gives me my resting HR, HRV (heart rate variability), body temp at night, and activity. This is a tool well worth the investment. ( You can save 10% by using code CRESS)

Until next time beauties- Stay #beautystrong!


Nicole Cress