Give The Gift Of Health

Give The Gift Of Health

Have you ever been in a rut of what to give someone for the holidays? Do you end up gifting candy, cookies, or some other unhealthy treats? Finding the perfect gift can be a stressful and daunting task at times. This year reach for something new and help everyone you care about either stay on track or get them tuned into a healthy lifestyle.

Some of my go to presents are:

  • BeautyFit Products: With an array for everyone, you can't go wrong with healthy supplements or swag.
  • Workout Clothes: You can never have to many workout clothes!
  • Gym Membership: Nothing says I want you to be healthy more than the gift of a gym membership.
  • Yoga Mat, Bands, Gym Tools: A perfect gift for any beginner, novice, or pro out there.
  • Guided Meditation: There are many different apps out there or create your own guided meditation playlist for your special someone.
  • Imperfect Produce Subscription: Everyone loves and needs fruits and vegetables in their life! And why let good fruits and veggies go to waste?
  • Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle: It not only shows that you care about their health and water intake, but also that you care about the environment.
  • Massage: Most everyone loves a massage and the gift of relaxation is a must for any mom or gym lover.
  • Homemade Bath Salts: Super easy to make (Epson salts and add your favorite high quality essential oils)
  • Gift Card: A gift card is always a good idea! Everyone loves gifts cards. Check out BeautyFit Gift Cards. Don’t stress or put extra pressure on yourself to make a gift extremely personable. A hard written card with a gift card goes a long way.
  • Invitation: If you are stuck on a tight budget, invite them to be a member of Club BeautyFit. Sometimes reaching out to someone is the biggest gift they can receive and you never know who's life you can change by an invitation!

I wish you a Very Happy Holiday Season!

May you stay healthy, be active, and remember the true meaning of the season.

xoxo Amanda