Healing Your Own Body

Healing Your Own Body

Recent studies have show that substances called ketones, which are byproducts of burning fat instead of sugars (carbs), promote fat loss and can turn your blood into an “anti-cancer”compound. Carbs and sugars not only create fat gain, but also feed cancer cells. This gives cancer the power to spread and metastasize. The cancer feeds on glucose. It is what these cells survive on and it is also the only fuel they use. This is the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. Healthy cells do not need glucose and can adapt without it. Instead of glucose, they can use fat for energy. This is also one of the reason to try “intermittent fasting”. This type of dieting has become so popular. The approach requires discipline enough to not eat all the time. This is to ensure the body burns fat and not glucose. The fat in your body, in turn, is used for energy. Many who are uneducated to the whys, believe that you need carbs and sugars for energy. This is not true. Fat and veggies as a form of your carbohydrate sources is the better path for fat loss and good health. We are not talking about gaining weight or muscle. This is for fat loss and better health. To prevent cancer, control or cure it.

How To Prevent Inflammation & Use Your Body Fat For Fuel

In order to approach this, it requires combining the fasting approach with restricted carbs and more protein, healthy fats and green vegetables (especially leafy types). This is basically the Ketogenic or a Paleo “caveman” type diet. The difference is Paleo involves consuming fruits and juices. The Ketogenic diet involves no fruit or juices since they are sugars. Even dairy has sugars. Fructose, lactose, glucose and sucrose prevent you from burning fat and can wreck havoc on your body and immune system.

After awhile, your body will will become adapted to burning fat and it will happen more by default. The intermittent fasting requires you to not eat for 18 hours and still continue to train. You can also do a cycling approach, which is common for obesity programs, with high calorie and lower calorie days. It is interesting how in ancient times, Ayurveda was the way in India. One of the rules of thumb with this type of lifestyle is to not eat on top of another meal. Wait until it digests and eat every four hours or so. This way, the nutrients can digest and you are not clogging your system stuffing more food into your body. This creates better digestion and elimination.

German researchers have found that the restriction of carbs can dramatically slow fat and cancer growth. Fat is a place where cancer can live. Fat also makes the body hold more water, behave more sluggishly and surrounds the internal organs. Fat around the organs can be detrimental to your health. Think about the fat surrounding your kidneys and liver. This can hold it back from functioning and processing normally. Our organs need to breathe. Fat around the lower lung area can cause breathing disorders. Around the heart and in the arteries, stroke and high blood pressure are risks. Most people associate fat with being overweight. You, in fact, can be skinny and carry more fat than muscle.

Here are some tips you can try

  • Step 1: Elminate all carbs including refined (breads, sweets, soft drinks, juices, rice, corn, other grains, fruits and starchy veggies)
  • Step 2: Add in Green Leafy Veggies and other green veggies, especially super veggies that have numerous health benefits.
  • Step 3: Eat Grass-Fed, organic, pasture-raised and wild meats, poultry, game and fish. Salmon is a great source of omegas and should be eaten 2x per week. Meat is a great source of iodine and can help with thyroid disorders and anemia.
  • Step 4: Get plenty of healthy fats – avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, nut oils, nuts and my favorite – Coconut Oil. You can put these oils on your body, on top of your salads and cook in the ones that do not become toxic like coconut oil.
  • Step 5: Incorporate Intermittent fasting. Start with the 18 hour fast mode. I do not suggest the Master Cleanse or anything like a Juice Cleanse that has fruit. Why? Because its full of sugar and you will binge eat after because you are starving especially after 3-7 days of that. You will not lose fat nor will you prevent cancer this way. You are making a bad situation worse.

With this approach you will find you reach your goals faster, stay healthier, obtain the discipline you need to keep your weight under control. Your body will adapt and when you do eat sugar it won’t feel or taste right. Alcohol is a big issue for many and unfortunately, for those who like to drink, this is all sugar and it does do a number on your liver. If you want to prevent cancer and be able to absorb nutrients well, it is wise to limit or eliminate all drinking. Alcohol is acidic and causes inflammation. This fire that you are putting into your body is a great breeding ground for disease and imbalances within your internal system.

Here are food choices that are great for prevention

  • Broccoli: Cruciferous vegetables are top notch for fighting cancer. It is rich in sulforaphane, which is an antioxidant that helps the liver break down and destroy the toxins that cause cancer. Sulforaphane is also available as a supplement. Eat one cup of this super vegetable daily. If you are sensitive to it and it causes gas or bloating, try cauliflower or broccoli sprouts.
  • Tomatoes: This is one fruit that does have sugar allowed because of Lypocene. Cooking tomatoes to benefit is best. Adding light olive oil to them (like Italian Dishes have) enhances absorption. At least have a half a cup twice a week. This way you keep the sugar down.
  • Cold-Water/Wild Fish: Salmon, trout, sardines and mackerel are great sources of EPA & DHA. These both have powerful effects on inflammation. Eat fish as often as possible. It also assimilates faster than poultry and meat. You can also supplement with Krill or Fish Oil Tablets or Oils.
  • Garlic: Dice, take tablets, Season with it. When you cook it, you amplify the properties in it. The more you consume the better because it is an antioxidant that helps with cellular health and protects against many cancers.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Spinach, chard, collard greens are all rich in antioxidants and protect the cells. Spinach is rich in iron and promotes thyroid health promoting weight loss. It also has fiber ensuring healthy elimination. Eat one cup a day of these at least!
  • Asparagus: Helps break down fat and keeps cells clean and healthy.

Great Supplements Suggested

  • Vitamin D: Higher doses of D are protection against cancer and can help with fat and weight loss. People with Low Vitamin D have 1/3 of a higher risk for cancer, according to a German study. It is suggested that you take 1000iu of D-3. If you lack sunshine or have a darker complexion take 2000iu. It is important that you request a Vitamin D test from your doctor. With so many wearing sunscreen and working indoors today, more people have low Vitamin D than ever.
  • Vitamin K: Another super supplement that should be considered. Take 300mcg of this in the form of K-1 or K2. If you have blood clotting, do not take it.
  • Stack: Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in combination are a powerful immune builder. This especially should be taken in the winter months when the flu is more prevalent. This helps the liver convert toxins. Take 200 mbs of Selenium at least 1000ius of C and 1 tablet of Vitamin E only in a moderate amount. If you have dry skin, try a little higher dose. It can work wonders on healing the skin during fat loss. It is great for stretch marks. You can put the oil right on top of them.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Is a great anti-inflammatory. It is helps with those suffering from pain, have heart issues, inflammation – keep in mind that fat is an inflammation of fat cells. 100mgs of this has been used for those who are being treated with tamoxifen for breast cancer with B Vitamins and B3 of 50mgs has been used to boost the enzymes that repair genes.
  • Lycopene: As was descriped above about Tomatoes. Great oxidizer and metabolizer of fat, as well.
  • Omegas 3 & 6: Increase thermogenisis, which you need to fight fat and cancer because they reduce fat storage. Olive oil is a hidden treasure when it comes to the Mediterranean Diet and it’s healing benefits using Olives and olive oil. Oils are great anti-inflammatories, keep the bowels moving and encourage elimination and healing. They have a PH effect on the body when in their true nature.

In only a few weeks of eating this way, you will feel differently and see a difference in your body. This can prevent and heal many chronic inflammations including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis and more. If you want to use this type of program for fat loss, just be sure you do some research on Macro Counting so that you understand portion control. If you are weight training and doing cardio you will need even more calories to ensure your body does not go under your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) on a regular basis. You will want to know that number. Go to my home pageat Michellefitness.com and use the CALORIE COUNTER . As you make progress, go back and use the calculator again so you can adjust your calories each time. While fasting this will be the only exception to the rule. No matter what approach you take to your nutritional lifestyle, it will always be an adjustment at first. It takes you making up your mind to cultivate a new attitude about how you approach your body and well-being. There is no plan that will give you this. It’s up to you!