My Secret Weapons

My Secret Weapons

Let’s face it, ladies. If you’re in the military, you have wondered, how can I incorporate fitness into my CRAZY work schedule? You have reveille at 5:30 am, PT incorporating a small run (if that), meetings, the range, the food at the chow hall, standing watch, all the way to TAPS and even longer! We have LONG days and busy schedules. Luckily, that’s what supplements are for. I get asked constantly how I lost the weight and have been able to keep it off. What BeautyFit products do you use? Welp, it’s time to share my secret. Here, ladies, are what BeautyFit products conveniently fit into my insane schedule and military lifestyle.


Putting gel and hair spray day after day into a tight bun can do immense damage on your hair. I was starting to have bangs just from the breakage of my hair. Also being out in the hot sun, I have forgotten numerous times to apply sun screen. My nails were shot because of all the physical labor I would participate in. Thankfully BeautyCollagen product has helped improve my hair, skin and nails without any extra effort on my part. All I do is mix a scoop with either my BeautyRecover or BeautyWhey and I can go about my day!

Beauty Enzymes and Beauty Cleanse

Chow Hall food can be fattening, carbed up and not very good for you. In the military, the bare minimum quality is used to ensure you are getting the recommended nutrients for each meal, but it’s not often that healthy. Don’t get me wrong, it can at times be DELICIOUS and a great cheat meal, but it shouldn’t be part of a daily diet. If chow hall food is a last resort, pop 2 BeautyEnzymes per meal and at least 2 BeautyCleanse to digest and keep the food flowing without turning into fat. This duo helps break down those fats and carbs for easier digestion and cleanses your insides so it doesn’t stick!

BeautyBum Scrub

Let’s face it, us military girls aren’t known for our smooth skin. Luckily using BeautyBum Scrub every night as part of your shower routine will change everyone’s mind. It gets rid of all the dirt and grime from that days events and leaves your skin silky smooth!


Need something quick, filling, sweet and delicious? Skip the triple fudge brownies and ice cream in the chow hall. Grab a scoop of BeautyWhey instead. Tip: I did this when I was stationed on my cutter. Just changing this up helped me lose 5 pounds in 1 month. JUST FROM THIS CHANGE. Supplement your sweet tooth with something that is actually good for you and chuck full of protein!


Like I stated above, each and every day, a menu is planned out to ensure that the chow hall has the recommended nutrients for each meal, but (for example) they may state that corn is the veggie for the meal. Yes, corn is a veggie, but our bodies long for those greens! It’s happened multiple times in my experience. Luckily a scoop of BeautyGreens will give you your recommended amount of greens for the entire day so you can skip the corn....and the French fries....and the fried rice. LOL


Military members have the most stressful job in the world. There are studies that support that statement. We have sleepless nights, stressful days, it’s a 24/7 daily occurrence. Thankfully and finally, BeautyCalm was released and I personally have seen a huge difference. I take one a night (2 depending on the stressors of that day) and I forget all my worries and sleep like a baby.

All these supplements by BeautyFit I have listed guarantee to keep your body at its peak performance, even during the craziness that ensues. The body needs these supplements to function properly and unfortunately they can’t be obtained in specific environments. From your joints to your heart, these are vital for living a healthy and long lived lifestyle in the military.

These are just some recommendations but I assure you, ALL BeautyFit products have made an amazing impact on my performance in the military!