Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are an easy time and excuse to get distracted from your dietary goals. It’s important that you come up with sound strategies that do not make it torture, but a time you can still enjoy them.

Here are some of my strategies that have kept me on point and not gaining the usual 5-10 pounds that most do at this time. You want to remember that the new year is around the corner and how nice it is to be ahead of the game not way behind. Rather than try to fix all the fat on January 2nd, work on fixing the real issue and how your mindset may be in your way. Check your weight every couple of days. Don’t skip meals and eat every 2.5 hours to keep your metabolism revving.

There are so many healthy things you can eat and even bake now a days that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

Here are some general tips:

  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. Before parties eat something healthy or drink a protein shake like BeautyWhey.
  3. Avoid alcohol, cookies and chips (they add up and will sabotage your diet) drink 2 glasses of alcohol only and have a cookie (NOT A BIG ONE) and have about 5 chips.
  4. Just because they serve it doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Take bites of food and keep your plate small.
  5. Instead of baking goods, try making things like doing some arts and crafts with the kids!
  6. Sub your sweet ingredients with Truvia or Stevia.
  7. Use clarified butter or Smart Balance butter over regular.
  8. Stick with low sodium dishes or use Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt.
  9. Fill your life up with gratitude, joy and count your blessings over overeating.
  10. Get exercise in no matter where you go. Make it a priority to exercise everyday or at least 75% of the time you are away or celebrating.
  11. If you do indulge, promote proper hyrdration with BeautyRecover.


On New Years decide how many calories you want to drink. Drink a ton of water while drinking and think about how you really wanna feel the next day. Starting your new year off with a big hangover is not what go-getters do when they set goals. Start the new year off with the right tone. Let it be a symbol of what you want ahead.

Write down your wishes for 2018 in an envelope – don’t censor – go for it and dream big! Seal the envelope, set the intention by lighting a candle and reciting a prayer. Don’t look at it until the end of the next year.


Live in the reality of where you want to be after the holidays not in EXCUSEVILLE!