How to survive the Holidays without aging!

How to survive the Holidays without aging!

Hi Beauties! The Holiday season can be a stressful time; Family, food, shopping, planning, everything can be overwhelming and take a serious tool on your skin. I’m going to give you some tips and tricks how to make it out of this year looking younger than when it started!

First, let’s talk about stress. I think we all know that stress can age you; worrying, lack of sleep, and figuring out how to arrange everything for holidays creates a very stressful environment. Not to mention figuring out how to not sit mom next to aunt Mary, but then also not too close to Uncle Charlie.

Here are a few ways to beat holiday stress

  • Focus on the good. Don’t worry about who’s going to say what, or what terrible things could go wrong. Focus on the positive. Family being together, the joy in the kids face Christmas morning, it’s important to ENJOY the good and forget the bad.
  • Do something for yourself. Go for a run, shop like I do (one for you one for me, get some lavender slippers, take 15 min to yourself to do WHATEVER makes you happy.

This right here is a big one…. SUGAR! FYI everyone, SUGAR CAUSES YOU TO AGE FASTER! I’m not saying you have to completely avoid the dessert table, but don’t scream YOLO and grab 2 of everything. Keep sugar intake to a minimum, and remember, wine and alcohol has sugar too!

Tips to avoid over indulging

  • Pick one or the other; if you are going to have a glass of wine today, no dessert. If you know that your sister is going to make your favorite bread pudding, skip that cookie with lunch.
  • Order protein Treats from Bambody Nutrition. These delicious morsels from heaven do not contain ANY SUGAR and are all natural sweetened with stevia. Bring your own dessert tray of healthy treats if going somewhere else, or order for your holiday party.

Use a good anti-wrinkle cream

Beautyfit BeautyControl Anti Wrinkle Refreshing Eye Cream is a product I use EVERY SINGLE DAY… and so does my husband! BeautyControl Eye Cream helps diminish puffiness and reduces fine lines. While it is made for the eye area, I put it all over my face followed by a tinted moisturizer. It feels amazing and makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of your skin.

Stress is part of life, especially during the holiday season. Follow these tips to end the year looking younger than when you started!

Till next time beauties!


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