How To Get A Bikini Booty

How To Get A Bikini Booty

Hi Beauties, It’s heating up outside and summer is officially upon us! That’s right; sunshine, ice cold BeautyRecover Ice lemonade, and oh yeah, bikini’s! Bathing suit season has officially arrived and here are my Pro Tips on how to get your bum bikini ready.


DON'T BE SCARED OF WEIGHTS! A lot of the time, especially us ladies, think that cardio, and more cardio, is the answer to all of life’s problems. Well, I’m here to tell you that IT”S NOT! Without going all in depth about the in's and out's of the body composition, which I absolutely can, it’s pretty simple; muscle burns calories and fat; the more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn WHEN YOU ARE NOT exercising.

And beauties... That is really the ultimate goal. Make our bodies fat incinerating machines. Now, I’m not talking about huge giant man muscles, women weren’t genetically built to be “huge”, I’m talking about beautiful, sexy feminine muscle… especially in that lower region.

Here are some of my favorite exercises to help build a tight booty

  • Glute Bridges: I like to do these on the lying hamstring curl machine, however you can do them on a bench, on a bosu ball, or simply on the floor. This is the easiest way to set it up for me and how I personally feel it the most.
    PRO TIPS: Push from your heels, and SQUEEZE every single rep at the top. Always visualize and feel the connection with the muscle you are working.
  • Kneeling Squats: There is no other exercise I feel more in the glutes then the kneeling squat. On a smith machine, get on your knees under the bar and sit down on top of your feet. Lift yourself with your glutes and squeeze at the top. For this exercise you don’t need heavy weight. Do enough weight so you can focus on the muscle you are working.
  • Kickbacks: You can do these with a band, with cables or with no weight, just depends on the strength of YOUR glutes and where YOU feel it the most. Don’t be afraid to try them every way you can, and switch it up every time.


So, we’ve agreed we are building strong beautiful bodies, right? Well, you have to feed your body so it can do all the work you ask of it!. When you think, “oh boy gotta put that bikini on Saturday, better not eat today,” I want you to take your left hand and smack yourself across the face! Just like a car needs gas, our beautiful bodies need gas.. so freakin feed it ya’ll! Everyone’s body and goals are different, so everyone’s specific nutrient requirements are different.

The best advice I can give is to listen to your body. Really pay attention to how certain foods make you feel. In my opinion, your most important meal of the day is post workout. It is essential to fuel your body with carbs and protein to help your muscles rebuild and recover.

PRO TIP: Here’s a perfect post workout meal

Take 1 bambodynutrition protein brownie ( or you could use any of the treats) warm it up for 15 sec. mix 1 scoop vanilla vixen beauty whey with approximately 4 tablespoons water and drizzle over top… OMGGGGGG so good AND exactly what your body needs.


Every morning apply BeautyBum to your abs and lower body. This will help not only reduce cellulite and smooth skin, but reduces excess water retention in your skin to reveal a nice tight, firm look. Don’t be afraid to apply it twice a day! A lot of beauties apply BeautyBum before bed as well for extra skin toning benefits.


So, there it is ya’ll :) A few tips and tricks to help you feel and look the best this summer! Till next time, stay beautiful, stay strong, stay beauty strong.