The Mommy Tummy

The Mommy Tummy

It’s bikini season and a lot of us Moms are trying to loose or cover up that mommy tummy pooch.

Here’s What I want you to do: put on your favorite bikini, take off your cover up, and repeat after me:

“this body held a human (or multiples), it is amazing, it is capable of doing anything, I loved it when I was younger, when it was stretched out beyond belief, and I love now even more, even with the stretch marks, extra skin, and tummy pooch”.

Moms, we are to hard on ourselves and it is time we embrace our bodies and have fun with our kiddos without worrying about what we look like in a bathing suit.

Yes, I do in fact still have a tummy pooch, it does go away when I am very lean or pose the right way. But even at my smallest on stage, I still had my mommy tummy.

The good news, I have some tricks I use to help tighten the tummy!

  1. Drink Lots of Water and 2 scoops of BeautyRecover daily!
  2. Enhance the core constantly when lifting.
  3. Avoid Bloating Foods. (These are different for everyone).
  4. Take BeautyRetic (I start this 4 days before travel, then will use it intermittently throughout vacation as needed).
  5. BeautyBum every day year around!
  6. Wear my BeautyFit Waist Trainer at the gym.  
  7. Lastly, Sunless Tanner! (Did you know you can contour sunless Tanner when applying it?!)

Feel free to message me with any questions and I hope you can embrace your body and play in the sand with your kiddos this summer!