Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pumpkin season is officially at full force right now ya’ll!!!

So you know what that means, pumpkin recipes continue! Not only is pumpkin delicious, but so many different nutritional benefits come along as well! Vitamin C, fiber, and potassium are only some of the powerful nutritious benefits pumpkin provides. Alright beauties, who’s ready to protect their hearts and lower blood pressure with some PUMPKIN ICE CREAM?!

What you will need:

  • 1.5 cup ice
  • ½ scoop BeautyWhey
  • ½ scoop BeautyVegan Natural Vanilla
  • 1.5 cup unsweetened nut milk
  • 150 grams pumpkin
  • 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon xanthan gum (optional to make it extra thick)


  1. Pour all ingredients into blender, IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARE LISTED. You want to make sure that the liquid rises just over top the ice; if it doesn’t, add more ice or water until it meets these guidelines.
  2. Blend on high speed for 1 min.
  3. Sprinkle BeautyWhey Sin-O-Bun onto a plate.
  4. Take a parfait glass, pretty bowl or mug and dip rim in water.
  5. Dab glass onto plate with BeautyWhey powder for a beautiful presentation.
  6. Scoop pumpkin ice cream into glass.
  7. ENJOY!

Essentially, the holiday season is upon us and seasonal treats are EVERYWHERE! Whip up this delicious dessert, or afternoon snack, and feel festive and fit all at the same time!!!

Till next time beauties…