German Chocolate Cake Bars
These are a definitely a decadent treat for any occasion! My inspiration for making this chocolatey treat Is that my Father’s birthday is on Halloween and he loves German Chocolate cake!
Hello Punkin!
With fall approaching, I am loving filling my house with the scent of cinnamon, allspice and pumpkin! I am loving boots, layering cozy sweaters...
Apple Pie BeautyVegan Smoothie
Summer is in the rearview mirror, a crispness is in the air and autumn is calling. It’s that magical time of year when the colors of fall surround us.
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie
This smoothie is a great to start your day to keep blood sugars stabilized or wonderful to end the day to kick that sweet tooth!
Tasty Football Treats
When we think of football, the first thing that comes to mind are those fun Saturday & Sundays where family and friends get together to cheer on their favorite teams.
Hawt Chocolate Protein Donuts
These days everyone is always looking to incorporate fun and interesting ways to add more protein to their diets...
Donuts & Muffins... My Oh My!
Who doesn’t like muffins and doughnuts? Well let me say, after using the BeautyVegan® Pea Protein as a main ingredient, these treat are as tasty as they are healthy!
Asian Salmon Foil Pockets
The best and easiest way to make salmon is in foil pockets – and you won’t believe how much flavor is sealed right in leaving you with the most tender, flavorful salmon ever...
Mediterranean Pizza
This quick and healthy pizza recipe can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is so easy to mix and match ingredients along with any of your favorite pitas
Protein Whoopie Pie
Today beauties, I am going to give you a recipe for a delicious treat that can be packed in the kids lunch, thrown in your briefcase...
Strawberry Protein Bread
This summer fruit is made even sweeter by including it in comforting bread. Enjoy your slice warmed, toasted and even cold...
Banana Muffins
Do ever go to the grocery store and see those yellow, nutrient rich bananas staring at you screaming, “buy a bunch!’ I mean, how can you resist, so you buy them.
Grilled Banana Split Kebabs
Have you ever grilled your dessert? Grilling fruit brings out the natural sugars in them and caramelizes it making them seems even sweeter...
Summer Superfood Salad
It’s summertime and enjoying a nice cool salad with some crunch is something many of us look forward to. What makes this salad even better is...
Delicious Rice Pudding
It’s summer time, which also means swimsuit season; I think we all become a little more cautious regarding what we are putting in our mouths...
Zoodle Shrimp Scampi
If you’ve never had zoodles before you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how you don’t even miss the usually linguine pasta in the traditional shrimp scampi..
PB&J Power Smoothie
School is out and summer is here which means more outdoor adventures like hiking, kite flying and days at the pool...
Magical Bone Broth Espresso
Bone Broth. The sound of it, the process, I’m not going to lie to you, I find it kind of gross; but, the benefits of bone broth… OMG they are endless...
Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed
You cannot mess up Mother's Day breakfast in bed... These healthy lemon/blueberry protein pancakes will be a great spring surprise for mom...
Bombshell Banana Bread
If you love Banana Bread then you will love this healthy version made with BeautyWhey Bombshell Banana! It makes a great portable snack...
Pumpkin Cheesecake
The leaves are changing (unless you live in Florida like me), the weather is cooling down, and pumpkin spice everything is upon us!