Carrot Cake Protein Muffins
I've always LOVED carrot cake, I mean what could be wrong with spiced cake and a bright veggie? I worked on remaking this classic into a healthy protein packed one!
Smart Cookie Protein Donuts
Oh My Beauties! If you haven’t tried the new BeautyWhey Smart Cookie (cookies and cream)… What are you waiting for!!!
Not Your Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Have your chocolate chip cookies without the guilt! These protein cookies are a delicious treat right from the oven or perfect cooled to room temperature...
German Chocolate Cake Bars
These are a definitely a decadent treat for any occasion! My inspiration for making this chocolatey treat Is that my Father’s birthday is on Halloween and he loves German Chocolate cake!
Hawt Chocolate Protein Donuts
These days everyone is always looking to incorporate fun and interesting ways to add more protein to their diets...
Lemon Holiday Drops
Today’s recipe is as decadent as it is nostalgic of the oh-so-sweet-and-tart lemon bars some of you grew up with. Alert: they will not last long!